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  • The all new snail mail online modern world

    Excuse me while I bang my head against the wall…. Ah that’s better. So you move to a new address. So you need to tell the [wikipop]DVLA[/wikipop] your new address. You can fill in the new address on the back of the old driving licence and send it to them via snail mail or you can do it online. Being an online type of chap I opt for the latter. After some time filling and clicking my way through the online form I am informed that…

    Send it in!

    They even have the nerve to use Online in the form’s title…


    Does [wikipop]Martha Lane Fox[/wikipop] know about this? She does not mention it. Excuse me while I print out my form and pop it and my old driving licence into an envelope, find a stamp, trudge out into the snow and post it…. roll on the [wikipop]Digital revolution[/wikipop]/[wikipop search=”Gershon Review”]Joined up government[/wikipop]/[wikipop]Brave New World[/wikipop] (Delete as appropriate).

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