Long men with old hair

There has been some kerfuffle in the press lately about Tony Blair and his slightly longer than usual hair.

Newspaper clipping about Tony Blair's hair

But Tony Blair has always been a bit of a lightweight. Jordan Rudess removed his quarantine hair and returned to his usual impressively bearded self.

Me? Who knows?

Remembering Melanie

The name Melanie cropped up on the radio today and for some reason I found myself thinking about Melanie French who, as a member of the cabin crew, died on a plane that crashed in Tenerife in 1980. Looking at the details it happened, weirdly, on April 25th – today.

Her mum ran a small hotel/bed & breakfast place in Llandudno and Melanie would sometimes come to the Cash & Carry warehouse where I was working to pick up supplies. Such visits always caused a ripple of excitement amongst the young male staff – “Melanie’s in!” – such was her beauty, elegant poise and patient politeness with us salivating halfwits.

Her parents feature in this news report by a young Jeremy Paxman – whatever happened to him?

The Reset

Over the years the old Mac had become such a tangled mess (the oldest file dates back to 2009) and iCloud Drive had become inaccessible from the Finder which insisted I needed to log in although everywhere else insisted I was logged in, and everything was working normally, but System Preferences refused to let me log out. Having tried killing birds and all manner of Terminal artfulness which failed to change anything I decided to just set up a new account and move into that. Alas this meant finding all the Serial numbers/licences for a lot of apps etc. Most seem to working now but I am sure something will turn up and refuse to work. Have made a fresh Time Machine and will try and keeps things better organised until the new iMac’s arrive.

Have reduced the web site to a minimalist HTML site because that is all it needs to be. Yes you could make a case for a little CSS design but we will live with it for a while. Have removed the Indie Web stuff from this blog as I was not using it and had no real interest in doing so; similarly the link to micro.blog is gone as I do not do the social/interaction thing so derived nothing from it – as excellent as these projects are and worth supporting if that is your thing. At some point I will develop my own theme for this blog.